Designated as Exclusive Provider of Solid Waste Services in Zone A

Southland Disposal Company is proud to have been designated as the exclusive provider of solid waste, recycling, and organics collection services for businesses and multi-family premises of five or more units in Zone A (Link to Zone Map). Southland Disposal is family owned and operated with experience in the waste and recycling industry that extends over 100 years. We have provided high quality and dependable waste collection and recycling services to the businesses in the City of Glendale for over 50 years.

On December 1, 2021, the City of Glendale implemented a franchise system for the collection of solid waste by dividing the City into four zones, each with a designated hauler. The franchise system became necessary to ensure compliance with State mandates that require recycling and organics diversion at all properties and will further sustainability goals, bring improvement to the environment by reducing solid waste traffic emissions, and street impact. A letter from the City explaining this new system may be accessed [here].

With this new solid waste service program, all businesses and multi-family properties are required by State law and City regulations to subscribe to trash, recycling, and organics collection service unless granted a waiver or exemption by the City. Collection services must include a minimum of a black bin for trash, a blue bin for recyclables, and a green bin for organics, with a minimum collection of at least once a week.

Customer Responsibilities:

Owners, property managers, or HOAs are responsible for arranging for waste and recycling services at their premises and for instructing their tenants regarding service needs and recycling program requirements. Tenants of multi-family residential premises should contact property management regarding their waste and recycling services. Tenants may not set up individual accounts.

Every business and multi-family premises of five or more units is required to


Subscribe to Weekly Collection Service
Customers are required to provide Containers of sufficient size, type, and quantity to ensure that all solid waste is properly stored and contained until removed for disposal or processing at minimum once a week.


Provide Full Access to Containers on Collection Day(s)
Southland collection crew must be given full access to containers on the designated collection day(s). Southland Disposal cannot remove obstructions to access containers. Customers whose bins require relocating to position for access to collection vehicles, may subscribe to bin roll out service or scout service.


Provide Color-Coded Bins
Customers must provide clearly labeled or color-coded waste bins in all indoor and outdoor areas where waste is collected.


Provide Recycling Program Information
Provide information, annually, to employees, tenants, contractors, and customers about what materials belong in each container, and to all new tenants before or within 14 days of move-in.


Avoid Container Contamination
Placing materials in the correct container ensures reduction in landfill disposal and helps reduce program costs. Contamination occurs when items are placed into the wrong containers. For example, placing a glass bottle into the organics container or placing food waste in the recycling container. A container is considered excessively contaminated if it contains more than 10% contamination.

Contaminated containers will be tagged with a notice indicating why the content was excessively contaminated and the recommended corrective action. Upon the third and subsequent instance of contamination, Southland Disposal may decline to collect the material and/or assess a contamination fee.


Avoid Container Overfilling
A container may be considered overfilled when materials project above its rim in a manner that impedes the complete closure of its lid and/or when materials are placed outside the container and/or allowed to accumulate making access to the container unsafe for collection. Overfilled containers will be tagged with the recommended corrective action. Upon the third and subsequent instance of overfilling, Southland Disposal may decline to collect the material.

Glendale Environmental Management Center
Free disposal of all batteries (including car batteries), cleaning products and disinfectants, paint, fluorescent lamps and tubes, automobile fluids (antifreeze, lubricating fluids, motor oil, and filters), paint and solvents, prescription medication, and over-the-counter medication, pesticides, fertilizers, and more.

Glendale Recycling Center
Free disposal of batteries (except car batteries), cell phones, computers, radios, tablets, televisions.


Other Services:

Bulky Waste Pickup

Business customers are eligible for four bulky item collections per calendar year. Each bulky item collection is limited to four large household items or up to ten (10) bundles of green waste (bundled no more than 4’ long and 18” in diameter) per collection event. Bulky item collections that exceed four per calendar year or bulky times in

excess of four per collection event are subject to an additional charge. To schedule a bulky item collection, contact customer service at least two days in advance of a regular collection day. For multi-family complexes, bulky item collection must be scheduled by property management. Leaving bulky items on the curb, street, or on the premises without arranging for proper disposal with property management is considered illegal dumping.

Bin Wheel Out Service

Customers are responsible for properly placing out containers for collection. Customers whose bins require relocating more than ten feet to position for collection vehicle access may subscribe to bin wheel out service at an additional charge.

Scout Service

Customers whose bins that require relocating by use of an auxiliary pickup truck for collection vehicle access or customers who request such service will be provided Scout Service at an additional charge.

Bin Lock Service

Customer requiring restricted access their bins may request bin lock service at an additional charge.

Cart Roll Out Service

Customers are responsible for properly placing out carts for collection. Customers requiring assistance to position their cart for collection vehicle access may subscribe to cart roll out service.

Roll Off and Compactor Service

For customer generating large volumes of materials, roll off boxes with 10 to 40 cubic yard capacity and compactors are available (weight limits vary)

Holiday Tree Recycling

Holiday tree collection is provided on regularly scheduled collection days to multi-family premises after December 25 and through the third Saturday in January. Holiday Trees placed for collection must be cut into lengths no longer than six (6) feet, be free of ornaments, garlands, tinsel and flocking, and the stands must be removed.

Missed Collection

If we are at fault for a missed collection, we will provide collection within 24 hours of your notification if your call is received on a collection day.

Bin or Cart Repair/Replacement

We will repair or replace your container as the result of normal wear and tear, resulting from proper use, or damage resulting from our actions at no cost to you. If a container is broken or damaged, we will repair or replace your containers by the next regularly scheduled collection day provided that you notify us two workdays in advance of the next collection day. You may request a container replacement once per year at no additional charge. You will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of containers that are damaged as a result of your negligence or misuse, including overfilling or depositing of prohibited materials.

Container Care

You may request your container to be cleaned or replaced once per year at no additional charge. You may request container cleanings or replacements more than once per year at an additional charge. We will remove graffiti from any container within two workdays of your request.


Right-Sizing Your Service:

Call us to arrange a site visit with a zero-waste specialist who will assist you in “right sizing” your collection service and minimizing your total collection costs based on the type of waste generated on your premises. Increasing your participation in blue bin and organic waste recycling and downsizing your trash bin size or collection frequency will minimize your total collection costs.

What if My Business Doesn’t Generate Organic Waste or I don’t have Space?

A surprising amount of your trash qualifies as organic waste, such as food scraps, napkins, and paper towels. However, if you believe organic material makes up a trace amount of your weekly waste or that your business lacks the space for additional containers, you may try the following alternative solutions.

  • Donate organics to a community compost program
  • Compost on-site or at a community compost program)
  • Self-haul to a community compost program or to an organics processing facility
  • Reduce or eliminate organic waste

If no alternative is feasible, mandatory recycling and organic waste collection may be waived subject to City approval. Applications are available at or you may request one by emailing or calling our customer service center.

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