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Production & Studio

production_studiostudio_bannerSouthland Disposal currently services some of the largest movie studios in Los Angeles County. We specialize in providing the service and experience of handling the rigorous demands of major studios.

Our state of the art fleet is radio dispatched enabling us to be flexible to customer requests such as same day service, timed deliveries, extra pick ups, and emergency services.

Our services involve eliminating the use of landfills as a primary destination for Municipal Solid Waste. We are fully committed to the MRF process to extract materials from the waste stream for reuse. Additionally we are dedicated to involving more of our customers (whose waste stream allows) to participate in food waste/organic waste recycling composting programs.

    • On or off lot services (temporary or permanent)
    • Direct connect “Nextel” communications between the studio and our dispatch/drivers
    • Offers service 24/7 accommodating all filming schedules
    • Expert handling of stage striking / stage breakdown and service demands
    • Compactors of all sizes
    • Custom Recycling Programs
    • Material Recovery Facility (MRF) utilized to process all waste and recyclables
    • Source separating of material onsite.
    • Food waste/Organics Recycling Programs available for implementation to increase diversion.
    • Front-loader bins of all sizes: 2, 3 and 4 cubic yard bins
    • Roll-off containers of all sizes: 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 cubic yard
    • Monthly or Quarterly Diversion Reports with the average production diverting between 80% -90%.
    • Recycling literature and training
    • Special Event participation for recycling awareness