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End Products


Material Type End Product
Gypsum Drywall Used for Compost and soil amendments
Food Waste / Organics / Green Waste / Organic Fines from MRF Used for Compost
Wood / Lumber / Pallet Used for power plants and soil amendments
Carpet and Carpet Pad Used for recycled foam carpet padding
Red Clay and Bricks Uses for resale after cleaning, stacking, and palatalizing loose bricks
Green Waste / Yard and Landscape Materials / Tree Trimming Used for compost
Saw Dust / Wood Shavings Used for horse stable bedding
Horse Manure Used for compost
Roofing Clay Tiles Used at inert facility for fill
Electronic Waste / Appliances Used as a scrap commodity after a certified dismantling process
Concrete / Rock / Asphalt Used as crushed miscellaneous base and meets green book specs (metal rebar is scrapped as a commodity)
Dirt / Sand / Soil Used to fill construction sites, excavation sited, grading sites, and occasionally for inert fill or cover
Tires Used as crumb rubber for asphalt after being shredded

Various Commodities

Beverage Containers (Aluminum, plastic, glass)

End Product

Baled, shipped, & sold to local and foreign markets for reuse of many different product