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Bottles & Cans

bottlesanscans_rightbannerSouthland Disposal and City Terrace Recycling market a wide variety of recovered recyclables.

Give us an opportunity to provide you with a proposal for the purchase of your recyclables.

  • Wide variety of containers available
  • Pick up, transportation, recycling, and purchase of recyclables
  • Permanent or Temporary Services
  • Baled or loose materials
  • Set monthly or bi-monthly pay rates

Recyclable Beverage Container

  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles

All drink containers, aluminum, plastic and glass are recyclable. They have scrap value and California redemption value. If you recycle with us, we will help you set up a program to recycle your drink containers. We will provide collection containers to hold the different containers and pick them up when we pick up your other recycled material. All drink containers have a redemption value except wine bottles and milk containers.

CRV stands for “California Redemption Value” and is the deposit consumers pay on beverage containers when they purchase qualifying beverages.

2012 CRV rates Per-Container are the still 5-cents for containers under 24-oz and 10-cents for containers 24-oz and over.

Other Glass Recyclables

  • Unbroken bottles
  • Unbroken (clear) window pane glass
  • No safety glass

Glass bottles must not be mixed with other types of glass such as window panes, light bulbs, mirrors, Pyrex, auto glass or ceramics. They contaminate the glass and are difficult to sort out